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Ireland is the gift that keeps on giving, and it is the inspiration for our business. We create artworks of Ireland, its beauty, and cultural heritage in the style of the golden age of railway posters.


Our mission is to help Irish people everywhere—or people who just love Ireland—to proudly show off where they come from, where they’ve been, or where they feel they belong.


The Ireland Posters Store is proud to call Kilkenny, Ireland its home. This small medieval town in southeast Ireland is where artist Roger O’Reilly lives and works, although his inspiration comes from all four corners of this remarkable isle.

Roger O'Reilly artist

The artist

Roger O’Reilly is the artist and illustrator behind all Ireland Posters works. He has worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist for advertisements, periodicals, and productions such as the TV series ‘Vikings’ among others. In 2017, he started up the Ireland Posters project to pursue his true calling of sketching and illustrating the landmarks and landscapes of Ireland. He hasn’t looked back!

The inspiration

Each poster is a unique composition based on the artist’s own drawings and sketches. In many posters, you will see the motif of the artist’s thumbprint used as texture throughout the print. Inspired by the golden age of railroad posters and all things Irish, this collection started with the artist’s hometown and then his adopted city, Kilkenny. Today, the collection has grown to almost 300 original posters.

Featured In

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“Your work is remarkably uplifting, especially if you know the location. A great combination of nostalgia and underlying optimism”

K O’Sullivan, Tramore, Co Waterford


“My great-grandfather worked as a lighthouse keeper at Fanad in Donegal. Your beautiful artwork, now framed in my hallway, serves as a tangible connection to our family’s roots in Ireland. Thank you.”

M McConnell, St Louis, MO


“Hello Roger, My daughter was delighted to receive the gift of your gorgeous poster. We saw the illustrations on the Lighthouses of Ireland program aired on RTE and I think that your collection is fantastic. I will be back to purchase more in the near future!”

D Murphy, Malahide, Co Dublin